Povoa de Varzim & Back to the UK

We were on the Metro this morning just after 0700 on our way to Porto airport and I was back in Surrey by just after lunch time courtesy of EasyJet. At least they have a lovely fleet of new Airbus aircraft 🙂 I will miss being with Rob and Beyzano and hope I don’t lose my ‘sea legs’ in the 3 weeks I am away. We have had some amazing sailing too and it is weird to be in a house again!

Casual Approach to Helming!

The early start was despite the noise of the local festivities which culminated in fireworks at midnight last night following the procession for the Romaria which commemorates those lost at sea. Some of the local streets had petals laid out overnight with the displays stretching all the way down the narrow lanes.

Small Part of Floral Display

Romaria Floral Tribute

Thousands of people gathered in the town to watch the celebrations and rockets were also let off at 0800 on Sunday morning, so you couldn’t really miss the reminder that it was a holiday. The other, very noisy aspect of being in the marina, is the automatic warning siren which is very loud and wails almost continually when it is misty, foggy or there is a lot of spray.

Old Town - Povoa de Varzim

We may only have been in Povoa a few days but there is a friendly liveaboard community who have a meal in the yacht club every Tuesday and Rob went along to that tonight. The marina itself is very welcoming and well run but their boatyard is home to a few very sad and neglected boats and it is disheartening to see boats in that state when once they were someone’s pride and joy. Even more difficult to walk past is the completely smashed up yacht which we realised is the one broken up on the breakwater in February during bad weather when attempting to enter the harbour, with loss of life.

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