Sada – Ria de Betanzos

We recently spent 2 nights anchored off Sada as although there is a marina there we wanted to save some money and have a quieter evening away from everyone else so we could light the BBQ. The sail there was just 12 miles from La Coruna in nice calm wind with some sunshine. We passed a fish farm along the way and turned into the harbour after the breakwater. Unfortunately, inconveniently placed moorings made it difficult to anchor close to the marina and we chose a spot further out but still inside the breakwater. The bottom is thick mud and we didn’t move the entire 2 days. I love the spade anchor!

We tried fishing to no avail (again) and tested the outboard for a while at full pelt. We did manage to catch our own dinghy in the fishing line 🙂 The four of us had a relaxing time, just chilling out with beer and wine, watching the scores of little fishing boats whizz past every morning and evening. Wish I knew what they were catching and how.

Yesterday Alex and Paul needed to get back to the airport which is a 10 minute taxi ride from the Marina Coruna, so we headed back there. This time the trip was decidedly different due to the huge swell coming into the Ria. We completely lost sight of other boats in the troughs but Beyzano kept on going through them, giving Alex another ‘experience’ to remember.

Coping with the Atlantic Swell

It was sad to see them leave as we have had a memorable trip with them and will miss their help and company. We had a meal ashore on Monday evening in a creperie off the main square in town. Delicious and unusual selection of crepes, with sangria to wash them down and a good price.

Lunch Afloat

We filled up with fuel again yesterday on arrival and took a berth in the main marina for a couple of nights as there are high winds forecast for a while. Just glad I wasn’t crossing Biscay as when Alex flew over it he could see lots of white crests to the waves. Today we wandered into town, found the ‘Gadis’ supermarket near the main square (map from Marina Office), which delivers if you spend more than 50 euros and stocked up. We found a red wine called Castillo San Simon for 1 euro – tasted really good!

Plenty of Room at Marina Coruna

Whilst we have internet I have been doing some admin, cleaning the stern cabin and heads (bathroom) for the arrival of the next crew, updating Facebook and generally passing the day. There are always a few small tasks to do, nothing urgent now so we can potter about and laze in the sun when we feel like it. Only today it has been raining!

Thanks to everyone for their messages and comments on the website. Just let us know if any of you would like to visit us whilst we are in Spain, Portugal, Madeira or the Canary Islands and we will plan to be by an airport!

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