Roman Lighthouse – Torres de Hercules

We felt obliged to walk in the heat to see this Tower today as it is the oldest working lighthouse in the world.

We owe so much to the pioneers of these structures and to those who kept mariners safe through the ages. Its existence has been known since the 2nd Century and they used to bring cart loads of wood to the hill to keep the light burning.

Torres de Hercules - A Coruna

Afterwards we went back to the supermarket for more of the 1 euro red wine but could only carry a few bottles unfortunately. We are stuggling with the language and failed miserably to learn spanish before we arrived. The phrase and conversation books will need some careful studying and for those who know us well, who will also know Rob has worked in Spain for 5 years, this is no help whatsoever as his excellent interpreter, Machteld was obviously too good and he learnt nothing 🙂

Dangerous Rocks off Torres de Hercules

Tomorrow we are leaving early for Corme which is a Ria some 35 miles around the coast with anchorages sheltered from all but southerly winds, when we would move to Laxe across the bay. We may not have internet access for a few days so this will be the last post until then.

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  1. Als says:

    Hiya Rhi & Rob

    Am following your adventures and can see you loving every minute of your trip!
    Buy a bigger net to try and catch some fish…
    Take care – loads of love

    Als XX

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