Moving On – Ria de Arousa

The engine is fixed 🙂

The Offending Article!

The problem was as in the photo but we have a new part and tested it this morning with Alfredo and Oscar onboard to make sure it all worked. What an amazing sound a running engine is – I will never take it for granted again! One thing to note, was that the bill needed to be settled in cash as they don’t have a card machine. Later in the evening Oscar brought us a huge bag of pears from his grandmother’s garden – really kind. We also had drinks with our neighbours on ‘Streetcar’, also on their way to sunnier shores.

So we should be on our way tomorrow morning, after filling up the water tanks, charging up the laptop and phones and getting some fresh provisions. We just got a gas bottle refilled and this was only 14 euros compared with about 20 pounds in the UK. It has been a lovely place to stay, the marina staff couldn’t be nicer but we will be glad to do some sailing again and get further south.

Wooded Backdrop at Portosin Marina

We will be anchoring again for the next few days, so won’t have internet for a while.

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