Day in Noia – Ria de Muros

One of the Town's Squares

It is our second day in Portosin Marina, a very friendly place to stay and fortunately with helpful engineers on site. Alfredo thinks the problem lies with the valves and/or head gasket so the head is off the engine and it looks like it was leaking between 2 cylinders. They are currently checking the valves and hopefully will also check the injectors as they may also be part of the problem.

In the meantime, Rob and I got the local bus into Noia which is about 8 kms away and spent the day visiting the town, walking the narrow streets and finding the fish market. An amazing array of fish, many of which we had never seen before, were expertly de-scaled and gutted for the purchasers, fascinating to watch.

Noia Fish Market

For centuries a canal was used which enabled craft to access the town itself but this is now badly silted up, although still visible and some boats can still use it at high water.

Canal To Noia

Town Centre

Just before catching the bus back we stocked up at the supermarket opposite the bus station with all we could carry in our backpacks. The mistake of using a trolley has not been repeated – we have to remember we don’t have a car anymore! There is a good sized supermarket in Portosin at the end of the town towards Noia, basically just above the marina but you need to walk up to the road one higher and turn left. There is a shortcut through the houses opposite the first large building you come to on the right after leaving the marina heading towards the town and fishing harbour.

The marina has fast wi-fi, laundry room with 2 washing machines needing 5×1 euro coins and a dryer. You need a 10 euro deposit for the security gate pass which is returned when you leave. The showers are clean with plenty of changing space in a separate area and there is a hairdryer in the female block. In the 10 days we were at the marina, I had the choice of all 7 showers, even at weekends! A restaurant is located in the office building overlooking the marina and is said to serve good food at reasonable cost. All the staff are friendly and helpful.

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3 Responses to Day in Noia – Ria de Muros

  1. Jo van Beek says:

    Hi Rob and Rhian,
    I hope your engine will be fixed quickly and cheap.
    And the way Rob supported the Spanish business payd off I guess. Good to have friends like Machteld who can help you with the translations.
    Keep well,

  2. Rhian says:

    Thanks Jo – hope all is well with you and the team. Rob wished he was technical like Alain or Peter so perhaps he could have fixed the engine himself!

  3. Caroline & Robert (Yacht Aragorn) says:

    Noia has fond memories for us too – the little streets where we drank beer & had Tapas outside the church, although we cycled there rather than got the bus!
    Glad you are getting in to the local fare – just sorry to hear you have had engine problems. Baiona, down the coast has excellent technical capabilities if you get stuck. They respond well to email enquiries and all in English!

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