Training and Teak

As Rob has unfortunately dislocated his shoulder twice, cut his head open on the wind generator and banged his head on the locker lid, I completed the Medical First Aid onboard Ship course yesterday at the Hamble School of Yachting based at Mercury Marina. All 6 in the class were either doing the ARC or World ARC this year so we were able to persuade the tutor to show us a few extra procedures which may be relevant for us, such as suturing, injections and inserting a catheter. The fake skin and stage blood was very realistic and the course gave me time to update my practical skills in case of dire emergency. The main issue with being offshore is that medical help may be some hours or days away, so the more we can do ourselves the better.

We were assessed on performing CPR and the recovery position plus managing an incident, in this case a nail right through the hand with blood and gore helpfully supplied. There was a 40 question final exam which we all passed too. I have just spent over 80 pounds on some of the medical supplies I need but have a few more items to procure yet, not least local anaesthetic and morphine but I might not be allowed that! I have the suture thread, needles and syringes ordered though 🙂

Teak Treatment

Whilst I’ve been studying hard, Rob has been working even harder on the boat, cleaning the teak and treating it. The photo shows the ‘before and after’ but we still need to seal it so it lasts. The code flags have had a wash and so has the ensign but we still have a lot of polishing to do and very little time left. I am spending several days a week with my parents due to their long term hospitalisation and rehab. We are in London this weekend as we haven’t even seen the new flats 2 of our sons have moved into – its all go at the moment!

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