Gear and Crew Tested

Following the successful trip to Lymington from Haslar with no issues with the gear or crew, we left for Cherbourg on Friday morning, passing through the Needles at about 0800.

Farewell to the Solent

We stayed on the same tack all the way only changing once to avoid a ship and the speed didn’t drop below 7kts throughout, averaging 8kts during the 82 mile trip and often reaching 9kts.

Maurice, the ship’s Meerkat was supposed to be on watch but he was rubbish!

Maurice on Duty

Apart from Alex, the rest of us didn’t feel much like eating but this was resolved once we moored up in Cherbourg. Shortly after we arrived some of our friends from Haslar motored past and we had the unexpected pleasure of a meal with them on Saturday in the marina restaurant. As they have been on holiday we hadn’t had the chance to say goodbye so it was a lucky co-incidence.

The cost for 2 nights was 92 euros, including water and electricity but being on the floating pontoon meant we needed to use the dinghy to get ashore the next morning for a wander around the city for fresh provisions and a coffee.

The weather looked promising for Sunday and Monday, so we planned to leave at around 0700 to take advantage of the tide west and headed for Falmouth for an overnight passage in preparation for Biscay. The light, variable wind meant we needed to motor for more than half the trip but we did try fishing and lost half the line during the process! The only events were dodging an unlit lobster pot marker south west of Eddystone and replying to Brixham Coastguard who were trying to contact us for some unknown reason.

We entered Falmouth just before 1000 and anchored in Channal’s Creek for the night to rest and clean the boat up. The harbour master brought us some information on the area, took away our refuse and let us know there was water on the visitor’s pontoon further upstream. The cost for the night was 5 pounds.

Beyzano Anchored in Channal's Creek Falmouth

Tomorrow we will move to the Visitor’s Haven so we can look around the town and buy the provisions for the Biscay trip. Wednesday afternoon and Thursday, Rob and I are spending time with a local weather instructor in St Just, to better understand the available sources of information and weather patterns in the Atlantic. We will pick up a mooring in St Mawes if available on Wednesday morning. Once we are happy with the forecast we will leave for La Coruna in Spain, our longest passage yet.

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