British Weather!

We are still in Haslar awaiting a decent weather window so we can start the first leg of the journey to the Canaries. Rob retired on Friday so we are really only on Day 1 of the adventure. We seem to have added a few more tasks to the list as we found our Navtex ariel was broken but we now have our Biscay crew, Alex and Paul to help us get them finished off before we leave.

None of the other ARC boats in the marina have left yet either, as we all have further work to do or are awaiting deliveries of newly needed items.

Looking at the weather forecast, Friday may be the day to leave as the wind is dropping but it is due to rain, heavily. Can’t wait to get to sunnier shores!

Wednesday 22 June and my car was sold today, new gas bottles and contact lenses picked up, passport photos taken, even more food stored away and we had a quick look at the new spinnaker snuffer. We had a final coffee in Costa Coffee to use up the points, used up the Nectar points in Sainsbury’s and drilled holes in our plank of wood which will double as a passerelle and fender board. The crew moved into their cabin and we are all meeting a few friends at the marina for drinks in Landers as we hope to leave in the morning. We just need to remember to pay the marina bill on the way back to the boat!

The list is now complete and we would like to get going on what will be our first sail of the year – been such a long time since we were out on the water I feel like a complete novice.

We plan to head for Yarmouth, then get the early tide through the Needles and to Cherbourg, spend a day there before sailing to Falmouth to await a good weather window for the passage to La Coruna in Spain. We will update the blog when we can. I am excited by the thought of starting this journey which we have been dreaming of for 17 years but also frustrated by the dire weather and slightly uneasy at the thought of crossing Biscay for the first time.

Kym bought us a beautiful piece of glass with stars and a rainbow on it, engraved with ‘Dreams Really Do Come True’.

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  1. Bob Miller says:

    Will be thinking of you on your travels and will check your blog for updates.

    All the best,

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