Sinking In!

Sorry to post a personal item with a photo of a car rather than a boat but how we are feeling whilst we execute our plans is very much part of the process.

Since I was young I liked the MX-5 and always dreamed of having one. Well, we did get one but ours is just sold, being picked up tomorrow and Rob has felt the first pang of realising how huge these changes we are making really are. He has ‘owned a car for 36 years and may never own one again’ so when the car is driven away tomorrow it will be another step away from what we have become used to as ‘normal’ life.

Goodbye Car!

The practical stages we have been through are these. Sold our first boat in December 2006 with lots of tears on my part. Sold our house in March 2008 (without any tears) but moved into a rented house we barely used in the end. Bought Beyzano in July 2008, a flat in June 2009 and moved completely out of the rented house then also. Most of our belongings were given away or put in a 6 ton skip. This year we gave in our notices at work and now we have sold the Mazda. Finally I will sell my car just before we leave.

The emotional side of all this is huge and although I don’t claim to be a great cook, giving away my cookery books was a big wrench for some reason. Plus not having a glass vase or too many flowers anymore as they don’t sail too well! Not buying any new smart clothes, just a few casual warm weather ones for years, has been another thing to adapt to, especially as there are loads of brilliant shops all around to tempt me in Edinburgh.

We have stored some souvenirs and paperwork but the majority of items we took for granted have gone. If we ever had to come back we would virtually be starting from scratch except for some furniture which is in the flat.

Leaving our friends and family is yet to come and I am not looking forward to that in the slightest. I feel sad when I leave the ‘children’ at any time but when it will be for much longer??? – I hope they have plenty of tissues!

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3 Responses to Sinking In!

  1. Terrie Alexander & Sue French says:

    OK, we confess – we are the guilty party mentioned above!
    I hope it’s some consolation Rhiann that much care & polish shall be lavished on the MX-5, and it’ll be looked after properly! It won’t be a daily driver, more a fun car for nice days.
    It was nice to meet you Rob, and thanks for making the buying process straightforward, and for managing to not sell it to anyone else before I could buy it!
    Sorry not to have met you Rhiann, but good luck to both of you on your adventure. We’ll keep an eye on your progress!
    Thanks again,
    Terrie & Sue.

  2. Rhian says:

    I am also sorry not to have met you but Rob told me you were going to take care of the car 🙂 Just glad I wasn’t there this morning at handover – tears at breakfast time aren’t pretty!

    I wish you many happy hours of motoring in the sunshine and thanks for your good wishes.

  3. Terrie says:

    Don’t worry, I won’t update you every time I get the Turtlewax out(!), but I’ve had the car 36hrs and I’ve washed it twice (even all the door-shuts & under the bonnet) and polished it once so far!
    Went to Mudeford in it today, and we both really enjoyed it (and the admiring glances and comments!).
    I just thought you’d like to know..
    Sorry I spelt Rhian’s name wrongly by the way.
    Bon Voyage!

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