Last Day at Work Looming

Facing up to life without working is taking some adjusting to and I only have 3 days left. Not only have I worked with some lovely people and in great locations but I have been fortunate to work for 7 of the world’s leading companies since 1997. I have found the majority of my work interesting and fulfilling and have been proud to work on the projects I’ve been involved in. In many ways I would love to continue working as I am still very motivated by what I do.

The most memorable moment for me was when working at Airbus and the amazing A380 flew into Filton on the way to the first official landing at Heathrow. So quiet on approach, we were all stood outside chatting and missed the first photo opportunity completely! Fortunately the pilot did a few more fly-pasts before heading off to London. Whilst the plane was having fuel tests at Filton it took off and landed many times and it was reminisent of the excitement of Concorde flying by, to see the cars abandoned on the A38 with people out of their cars just staring.

A380 at Filton

Another interesting day at the office was trying out the helicopter simulator at Culdrose, crashing within minutes!

So my final pay will arrive on the 27th May and I will have to start making my company dormant. Despite the very early mornings and some long motorway commutes, I have loved working and running the company for the last 5 years and hope I won’t regret giving it all up.

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