Back In The Water

Beyzano is safely back in Haslar following a final week of last minute maintenance.

Nearly There!

We discovered that there was some corrosion on the SSB dynaplate bolts and it was also coming away from the hull. The generator had been installed over the top of the bolt heads, so in order to replace the 2 bolts we had the generator removed by Endeavour Yacht Services. We decided to have the dynaplate repositioned to make future maintenance easier. We also had a galvanic isolator fitted to reduce the risk of corrosion from stray electrical currents which we may encounter whilst berthed in marinas.

Due to the corrosion we also had all the stopcocks checked, which were all OK for now but we will keep a close eye on their condition.

Re-organisation Underway!

We are now focussing on getting everything put back to normal as everything was filthy inside and out due to the 7 weeks in a busy boatyard, so we have had to clean every inch of the interior and will be doing the same on deck.

Inside Finished

New turning blocks have been fitted at the base of the mast for the extra reef we have had sewn into the main and the replaced rigging has been tuned up by XW Rigging at Haslar. We haven’t been able to test our new prop yet so will need to find time to motor out soon to monitor the performance and if it needs adjusting she will have to come out of the water again.

Featherstream Propellor

We will be collecting our sails this weekend and hope the wind drops so we can get them back up and fit the new lazyjacks! Finally we have a large quantity of chandlery goods to collect from You Boat in Gosport and the unenviable task of paying for them.

Having done everything we can think of Beyzano is as well prepared for her journey as possible so the only unknown is us 🙂

Thanks go to Sam Cassell, the Project Manager at Endeavour Yacht Services for keeping everything on track, liaising with suppliers and providing an excellent service.

As the mast is back up we are finally able to fly our ARC flag.

Beyzano - 1 of 4 ARC 2011 Yachts in Haslar Marina

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  1. Dave Briggs says:

    Sounds like everything’s going according to plan, Rhian!
    Hope all is well on all fronts
    All the best

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