ARC Flag Arrives but No Mast To Fly It From!

We now have our hard copy of the ARC Pack including a chart of St Lucia to whet the appetite plus the official flag, which is huge. Unfortunately the arrival co-incided with the haul out so all I could do is ask Rob to model it for me!

Endeavour Yacht Services are managing a lot of the haul out tasks for us which saves time and money. Rob had a list of things which needed doing and items we needed to buy but these are all being taken care of by EYS who can get the best prices and have more knowledge than we do. Sort of ‘Wedding Planners’ for Boat Maintenance! With more than 8 weeks out of the water, we feel there is plenty of time to get the polishing and anti-fouling done as we ‘like’ doing that ourselves.

We expected the boat to be much more fouled this year as we have only been sailing once since October but were glad to see that she was still really clean. We used Cruiser Uno last year and are debating whether to go to Micron Extra or stay with Cruiser Uno as she should see a lot more use this season and have an extra scrub in Las Palmas.

It was also the first opportunity for both of us to see the top of the mast at the same time and check and clean the gear up there. There were a couple of screws sheared and the TV dish and Radar needed a good clean but otherwise all OK. Nothing else looks worn and it is useful to see everything in place without the trauma of being at the top of the mast whilst we are sailing along, possibly in the dark (although would avoid that at all costs).

Result – the freezer is working!! Well done Rob! So I can continue with my menu plan of ice cream and frozen peas ๐Ÿ™‚ Will test it in the water first as it is also keel cooled, otherwise we will solely be using battery power and that won’t be good news. The old prop is off and stored as a spare, the rigging is in capable hands and all the sails are away being valeted. The list of tasks is still on schedule and I have less than 6 weeks of working left.

We are also dealing with a sad hiccup in our plans, however, as both my parents are in the same ward in hospital. We will have to re-assess our departure and trip to Las Palmas in light of this and see how we can work around any need to be here more. For now, we are still aiming to do the ARC in November but may have to ask more of our friends to spend time in the Caribbean looking after our boat – any offers?!

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3 Responses to ARC Flag Arrives but No Mast To Fly It From!

  1. stephan Bey says:


    Just checking in every now and then, and I tell you, she looks amazing. I am so glad she found such a good home with you guys. You have really taken her to the next level. My purse didn’t stretch that far! Can’t wait till you take her out for the big trip!

    Stephan Bey

  2. stephan Bey says:

    By the way, if you are serious about babysitters in the Caribbean, let me know! I know a few places she is really partial to!

  3. Rhian Marshall says:

    Good to hear from you Stephan and glad you are happy with Beyzano – we still love her! In fact she gets all the birthday and Christmas presents these days, everything we buy is boat related ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope to see you in the Caribbean then – good idea for looking after her, as you do know her well.

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