Beginning of the Goodbyes

Only 3 months until we leave now and the huge changes we face are beginning to sink in. Rob has let his company know that he intends retiring in June (literally 2 days before we set sail!) and they were shocked to begin with, then very interested in our plans. Some found it hard to understand a life without deadlines especially as Rob has been dealing with them for so long. He sometimes takes 8 flights in a week, so I do wonder how he will adapt. His boss said that he admired our decision to give everything up and chase our dream. He said if you can choose what you want to do in life, then you really do have a life.

Whilst speaking to a friend who can’t make our farewell do, last night, we both realised that we may not have the opportunity to meet up again before we leave and that was really sad. We are leaving all our friends behind, all those wonderful memories and their support. It does feel strange, perhaps even thankless and rude!

We have to face life with no income for at least 9 years and I wonder how that will feel after being so fortunate and secure for all this time. Will we now have to watch every penny and feel hard done by or will we get so immersed in our new way of life that we will become content with very little in way of material things? I know we are incredibly lucky to be even planning this trip but there are still niggling doubts which I guess are only natural.

At least having lived on the boat for nearly 3 years we don’t have the effort of moving just before we leave and getting rid of a lot of our belongings. That part is all done.

This is certainly the most scary time I can remember – lots of huge decisions and unusually, I don’t feel I can go with my gut instinct because I have conflicting ones. My mother is also very ill and I feel completely torn. We are still looking forward to the challenge and are going with my father’s blessing, so onward we go!

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