Windy Week’s Holiday in the Solent – Second Time!

Similar to our week off in May, our second week’s holiday of the year brought gales and adverse wind directions which prevented us leaving the solent. The weather forecast right up to the final 3 hours before we left for Alderney was fine but at the 11th hour it changed for the worse. So we spent 4 nights in East Cowes, hired a car and finally toured the Isle of Wight, something we had planned to do for many years.

Seal in Newtown

The weather improved towards the end of the week, so we moved to Newtown River, a favourite haunt and this time 2 seals playing and basking in the setting sun made it even more memorable. That really is a seal in the photo!

We then sailed to Studland Bay and anchored for the night under a lovely starry sky. The following morning was Rob’s birthday and he got a book on astronomy, being promised a sextant if he can recognise a few stars within 2 months 🙂

Returning to Haslar, we had a rough passage across Poole Bay and took the inshore route past Hurst. It was good to be home but a shame we didn’t get further afield. It has been nice and sunny since we got back!

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