Windy Weekend in Weymouth

2 boats braved the weather on Friday 6th August to quickly arrive in Weymouth for the BOA Rally. Understandably others couldn’t make it due to the Force 6-7 SW winds. We went out 4 miles from the St Albans ledge but still encountered quite rough conditions.

It was definitely worth it, speeding along at 10kts once we had turned towards Portland Harbour. The final hurdle was dodging the Olympic dinghy racers who were doing a trial run of the events in 2 years time and in those conditions it was interesting!

The 4 of us who arrived on Friday explored Portland the next morning and had a brisk walk along Chesil Beach. Shadowfax joined us on Saturday afternoon but still had some rough weather on the way. We all got together in the evening for drinks and then had a lovely meal in ‘The Boat That Rocks’ at Portland Marina. It was a late night but fortunately we didn’t need to leave before 0900 the next day.

The journey home was much calmer with the wind behind us and the sun shining but it took a lot longer!

Thanks to Gemini and Shadowfax for making the effort through the weather and for their entertaining company.

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