Quick Trip to Cherbourg

We left at 0500 on Friday but had to motor two thirds of the way over as there wasn’t enough wind. We passed through big patches of green seaweed with long brown rope like bits in it and hoped nothing caught in the prop. Arriving in Cherbourg at 1830, the waiting pontoon was empty so we berthed there for 2 nights.

Saturday we got the dinghy off the transom, rowed over to the marina and wandered into town to try our french on the unsuspecting shopkeepers. We managed to acquire cheese, strawberries, a baguette and some cooked prawns for lunch but almost got stuck when the cheese seller asked if we wanted to taste the cheese before buying. Luckily the word ‘gout’ stood out from the quickly delivered sentence, so a guess made sense of the rest but it was a close call. Much easier if they don’t speak back!

Saturday evening we had a delicious meal in the marina Yacht Club and another dinghy row back to the boat. An unusual event was the sound of the cruise liner’s signal horn playing ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’ as it left the port. We then realised that the Mickey Mouse shape on the funnel was for real after all.

Today we left Cherbourg at 0600 and managed to sail the entire trip, first few hours at a constant force 4 averaging over 6kts but later on the wind picked up to over 20kts so we were doing closer to 10kts and hurtled back to Haslar. It was a lovely long weekend which always feels more like a holiday when you get across the channel. Next weekend another long trip planned, this time to Weymouth.

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