Too Much Sailing!

Apologies for the complete lack of updates on the website lately but we have been off sailing every weekend and haven’t had any time for the Internet. Last Friday, as an example, we left within an hour of my drive back from Bristol where I now work and anchored up in Osborne Bay for the evening.

Next morning our friends on ‘Flying Spanner’ met up there at about 0730 and we all went to Yarmouth, picked up a mooring buoy each and we dinghied over to their boat for a BBQ. We also caught 5 mackerel along the way which we had for lunch (put 2 back). I am convinced it is only the pink, sparkly lures they like – I’ve never caught any other fish on anything else.

Sunday morning it was getting up to a Force 6 and we started off with both sails but eventually just used the genoa and still got back in 2 and a half hours doing nearly 10 kts. It was a bit busy on the Solent and there were a couple of Pan Pans and general mayhem, so we felt a lot safer with just the genoa avoiding the peril of an accidental gybe.

So that was another weekend without bothering to do the website!

This one we have stayed in the marina, done the really boring stuff like washing all the curtains and polished the boat but we have 2 friends who work at the Lightship sailing next weekend, Cherbourg, Weymouth and Buckler’s Hard coming up, then a 3 day trip for a Wedding in Kinsale, so I guess September may be the next update.

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