Lots Of Practice – In Gales!

We had a week off in early May, just as the nice weather was coming to an end! We had great plans to get to the Channel Islands or Devon/Cornwall depending on the wind direction but in the end we didn’t leave the Solent!

We did have an interesting few days though. Firstly in Yarmouth, where we bounced around on the mooring buoys outside the harbour. It was a F8 and we nearly didn’t get back on board the boat, due to the Water Taxi being ‘on the limit of it’s operational license’. But with 2 attempts they did get us back onboard without the need for a swim.

We had a lovely evening in Newtown and even managed a BBQ on deck, plus another sunny evening at Buckler’s Hard, Beaulieu.

We learnt a great deal during the week though, having to tack many times in 33 knots of wind, reefing the main and generally experienced longer periods of higher wind strength than we are used to or would like!

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