Lift Out

Last Wednesday Endeavour Quay Boatyard towed Beyzano from her berth and lifted her out. After work I went to the yard and there she was, so clean and free of fouling that I thought she had been painted during the afternoon! Nobody could believe she’d been in the water nearly a year but I guess using her during the winter has kept the weed off.

Rob and Keith worked on polishing, the yard changed the rudder bearings and our generator work was completed. We put on new genoa sheets, traveller lines and the prop anode and she was back in the water on the following Monday. We figured as it seems to be rudders dropping off all over the place, that we would have that checked and the helm had become very stiff anyway.

So that is that for another year and for the first time I didn’t even touch a paint roller or polishing cloth. Didn’t even put on my blue overalls, aka the Smurf Suit. I was at work and then in Aberdeen for the weekend.

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